Andersen Windows

The Home Depot Showroom

Creativity with constraints is the name of the game in this environmental graphics concept. Andersen Windows came to us looking to make a huge investment in their relationship with Home Depot. They wanted to develop a branded showroom that was unique to the Andersen brand—and product—while also maintaining the vernacular Home Depot customers are accustomed to.

Right off the bat we developed a strategy that utilized the same configuration and footprint that Home Depot currently employs in their millwork showrooms and proposed updated finishes and graphics. By using the same configuration and footprint, we saved the client thousands in the development stage and put that surplus towards our graphics and fixture finishes.

The details: We replaced the brown framework with a matte black and the cherry laminate with a warm walnut laminate, providing a more neutral (and modern!) backdrop on which to view the product. We swapped out brown product panels for frosted acrylic and removed lower fixture panels to give an airier, more ethereal experience. We added walls at the ends of the U-shaped vignettes to prominently display the many product finish options. We incorporated the use of strong beauty images as a way to inspire. And most importantly, we made the Andersen brand stand out amongst the cacophony of other home improvement brands by being big and bold with wayfinding—so bold, in fact, that you can spot the Andersen logos from the front of the store.

The Andersen Windows showrooms are currently being built and installed in Home Depots around the country.