Deck of Cards


Thinking up business holiday gifts that stand out is a real thorn in the side of marketers. How do you create an impactful, brand appropriate gift that recipients won’t just pitch as soon as they rip open the packaging? Yeah, I don’t know either. But, I do know the art of selecting products that are both cost effective, brand appropriate and of value to the general population.

Chandler produces retail fixtures for top brands—while also supporting those brands with graphic design services. The Chandler executive team identified graphic design as the most under-marketed service and asked that we highlight the offering in the 2016 holiday gift. So that’s precisely what we delivered.

We wanted a piece that evoked nostalgia but would also avail design capabilities. After an exhaustive list, we ultimately landed on a deck of custom playing cards—a modern version of vintage promotional, think 1950s Pan Am collectibles.

Finished decks were packaged in a foil bubble envelope with a matching card.

art direction, design, illustration

done in collaboration with Steph Mertes